Modern Fleet

We specialized on container move services and continue to provide professionalism and competence to our customers in a variety of industries with the same devotion and eagerness as when we started

Fleet always ready on Demand

At Bob's Express we are always ready to meet your Cargo demands ,performing with outstanding customer service rating.


Whether cargo or courier, high value packages or even dangerous goods, we can take care of your trucking needs. special needs freight or environmental products.


Long horizontal panoramic Over the Road Trucking in the Great Basin

Bob’s Express & Trucking Inc. is a family owned business that was established in 1923 and has been handed down for three generations.  We are centrally located on Delancy Street in Newark New Jersey and are only minutes away from Port Elizabeth and Port Newark.  Our services include import and export of containers, in addition to LTL and FTL.  We extend our services beyond the normal responsibilities of a common carrier with immediate notification of problems arising with export bookings and import clearance as well as helping to circumvent missed sailings and resolve any situation quickly.  Our customers rely heavily on the expertise and dedication that they have come to expect.  For any additional information feel free to contact our office at any time.  We hope to be of service to your company in the future.